Got a question for us? We’ve tried to answer as many questions as we can below. If you don’t find your answer here, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help. 

Do you have a list of useful numbers for hut owners?

What are the benefits of joining the membership scheme?

What is the advantage of having a hut badge displayed?

I am interested in becoming a member but I do not have regular access to the internet. Can I still join if I don’t use email or online banking?

I live alone and do not have family close-by to help me. How can you help me?

Can I still call you if I have a question, or do I have to use the contact form on the website?

How do I claim a membership rate with Love Your Hut?

I have more than one hut. If I want to join the membership scheme do I have to pay for each hut?

I have chosen not to become a member, but you still have my key. What happens to it?

How does membership save me money?

What areas do you cover?

My hut is falling apart! How can I get a new one?

I am visiting for a holiday. Can I rent out a hut?

Can you sell my hut?

How do I go about buying a hut?

My hut has been broken into, how can you help?

Do you sell padlocks and security bars?