Goring Beach Huts has been keeping huts safe and well-maintained for over 18 years. The business was started by local resident Keith Richardson, after a friend asked him to help paint their hut. Before long, other hut owners heard about his work and came knocking on his door!

Fast forward to 2021, and Keith was ready to retire so I took over the business from him. I’m Karen Rivers and I live in West Worthing with my husband and two sons. I am a former NHS speech and language therapist and my husband is a builder. 

So why beach huts?

The beach has always played a big role in our family life, and I love taking a dip in all weathers. When my dear mum passed away during the first coronavirus lockdown, I decided to make a change and leapt at the chance to run Goring Beach Huts. Who wouldn’t want the beach as their ‘office’?!

Our team

The Goring Beach Huts team are dedicated to keeping your huts pristine so you can enjoy them when you come to the beach.

I run the business day-to-day with the help of a team of experienced hut experts. Keith Richardson is still an active member of our team, but is enjoying life at a more leisurely pace these days. 

Our eco credentials

We are committed to protecting our wonderful beach and preserving the natural world for the enjoyment of generations to come. So we are always on the look-out for ways to cut back on waste and use products that are less harmful to the environment. If you have any suggestions to help us be more eco-friendly we’d love to hear them.